______ Experience C.V.____


Founder; Director at All Planet

Entertainment industry
Currently holds this position



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Manages All Planet, Inc.

A Production company, with programs on:

Culture (from around the world - Shamanism, exotic places and peoples, expert at extreme conditions shoots),

Music (from the Mamas and Papas, to chanting, to rock and roll, jazz and plays, music videos).



Serves as Director, or Director of Photography. Experienced as 2nd Unit Director, Special Effects, Interviews, Action and Making-Of materials. Engineering certifications in audio and video and film.


Spiritual Production and Event Production: Technical Management , Production Management -

The Dalai Lama, Tibetan Issues, Mongolia, the Himalaya, Buddhism, diversity in India, Russia, and S.E. Asia


Health and Awareness

From the PBS series "Yoga for Health" to Dr. Emmett Miller DVDs, to a new series with Lindsay Wagner on healing arts, and projects currently in development.


Feature Film Work: (Partial)

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2nd Unit Director/ Behind the Scenes Director, Bonus Materials Producer. World's first EPK released with a Major Motion Picture.


  Producer, Director "Secrets of Stargate" the CD-ROM press kit for MGM and Canal+
  2nd Unit Director/ Behind the Scenes Director, Bonus Materials Producer.
lochness     id4
2nd Unit Director/ Behind the Scenes Director, Bonus Materials Producer.   2nd Unit Director/ Behind the Scenes Director, Bonus Materials Producer.

2nd Unit Director/ Behind the Scenes Director, Bonus Materials Producer.


Special Effects team and consultant   Director and Producer

2nd Unit Director/ Behind the Scenes Director, Bonus Materials Producer.


  ssg   ay

Behind the Scenes Director, Bonus Materials Producer. Earliest Original Art (above)


  Later Poster, near release   Executive Producer

For a more complete list of film and television work, including:


George Putnam News Show, Joe Pine, Donald O'Connor, "Another Day at the Races" etc. please contact us.

Effects Team, Props and Transpo, Location Management  

Behind the Scenes DP and Director:

Mask of Zorro, Men in Black, Etc.

  Director of Photography, most interviews and performances; Supplied historic footage and Content.
hhdl_dvds   Click here, or on the photo to see some of the Productions and DVDs produced and directed by All Planet and Gabreal Franklin for the Dalai Lama    

______ Past Experience

President/ C.E.O./ Founder at ACES Entertainment
Entertainment industry
March 1992 – June 1995  (3 years 4 months)
Worked on the Public Relations coordination and Created the technology used to roll out Masiyoshi Son's SOFTBANK USA business, including the 3rd 'Cyber Character' "MIPS"- a realtime cartoon character, that could only run on a high-strung 'RE' - $250,000 Reality Engine Onyx from Silicon Graphics.
Worked with Silicon Graphics co-founder Rocky Rhodes on creating new APIs for the future Silicon Graphics workstations.
MOVIE PUBLIC RELATIONS Debut Technology - Moved (back for GF) into the Entertainment arena, and created the world's first "Day and Date Release" of a major motion picture (MGM's 1994 hit STARGATE) with the first 'EPK" - Electronic Press Kit. Production included extensive behind the scenes filming of special effects, props, cast crew etc.
ACES went on to do the same for "Rob Roy", "Men in Black", "Loch Ness". "The Legend of Pinnocchio"; "ID4 - Independence Day",; "Starship Troopers", and many others.

CEO at Optical Media International

Computer Software industry
March 1991 – January 1992  ( 11 months)
Managed the development of early CD-ROM authoring software for the SONY and PIONEER CD Writers, that OMI developed for the 'Red Book" music CDs and emerging computer CD-ROM industries.

President/ C.E.O./ Co-Founder at The Software Department - TSD

Computer Software industry
March 1987 – October 1991  (4 years 8 months)
TSD - The Software Department was a Software Development 'Swat Team', comprised mostly of former Apple Development veterans working on extremely ambitious and "first ever" computer Video Applications, as well as very 'early-on' enabling computers to Edit Video and Audio.

V.P. Engineering at Seehorn Technology
Entertainment industry
February 1986 – October 1989  (3 years 9 months)
Seehorn Engineering was the company that developed the MIDAS - an early non-linear Film Production tool that Larry Seehorn and I did not want to call an 'Editor" as it was more than 'just' that. Won SIMPTE 'Product of the Year", Francis Ford Coppola used our prototype to create one of the Godfather films, and we started the "Chinatown Group" up in Francis' apartment in the top of American Zoetrope, SF.
Larry also invented instant playback, writing user-bits to the vertical interval, LeCart - for setting up commercials to play in sequence automatically at TV and cable head -end, as well as many other video and film innovations.

MIT White Paper Synop <LINK HERE>; Francis Ford Coppola Comments on our early technology <LINK HERE>

President/ C.E.O. at Encore Systems
Computer Software industry
January 1983 – June 1989  (5 years 6 months)


Encore Systems was a premier Software Development team, specializing in [formerly] impossible tasks. Was also the developer of CoreEdit for Apple Computer, MacWrite, Full Impact, EtherMac, HyperSQL, and many other early Macintosh products. Encore Systems also provided core technology for other companies Products (like Symantech's 'More". MovieMagic, Intel's i750 DVI etc.).
A Classic 'Beyond the bleeding edge' engineering team, under the initial leadership of Randy Wigginton, with his two friends Ed Ruder and Don Breunner. They delivered MacWrite shipping in January 1984.
Randy was a remarkable teenager prodigy in computer programming. In those days - there weren't many, there was no 'trail' for him to follow. This was ALL first time - trail blazing engineering. They hired other young programmers with remarkable aptitude, and the original "Encore Systems" was on it's way beyond Macwrite. These were John Kelly, Rick Wong and Peter Marx. Following with Les Vogel and Gabreal Franklin.

1981 - 1984

  Montreux 1982 - Live Album CLQ - Live in Copenhagen

Produced music albums with Elektra Musician (Charles Lloyd Quartet - with Michel Petrucciani, Palle Danielson and Sonship Theus, Bobby McFerrin); Produced Petrucciani's first two solo albums with George Wein on Concord Records (Michel Petrucciani - 100 Hearts; Michel Petrucciani Trio - Live at the Village Vanguard with Palle Danielson and Elliot Zigmund. <a few more photos from this time here>;

Pioneered [one of] the very first digital recordings on the first Mitsubishi X-80 Digital Audio Recorder (DAR) in North America on the 100 Hearts production.

  Michel Petrucciani - 100 Hearts Michel Petrucciani Trio - Live at the Village Vanguard

Asst. Production Manager at Walt Disney Studios/ Buena Vista

  Partial List of Studios      

Entertainment industry
March 1979 – April 1981  (2 years 2 months)
Worked on location managing the logistics of the films, coordinating the talent an the locations, for such films as the "Herbie" films, mostly on locations. Up to 250 people - including extras, NDs (non-descripts), Drivers, vehicle owners, Transpo and other logistics.

Apprentice Audio Engineer at A and M Studios, Hollywood, Ca
Entertainment industry
February 1969 – March 1971  (2 years 2 months)
Recommended by composer Paul Williams to join Larry Levine's apprentice Engineer program at A&M Studios. Worked on the early 16 trk, then 24 trk recording boards, in multi-track recording. Did engineering, tech alignment and maintained the recorders, as well as Microphone placement and 'sound design'. Audio editing done with razor and tape. Knew there had to be a better way, but enjoyed working with the musical talent coming through the studio.

Founder, Technician; at Sound Decisions
Entertainment industry
January 1966 – November 1969  (3 years 11 months)
Some sound engineering and tech for local groups - like 'The Turtles", "The Mothers of Invention", " CSN (before Young), Mamas and Papas, Jimi H.; Ike and Tina, Love, T-Rex, and many others.

Asst. Editor at The Hollywood Gower Studios
Entertainment industry
January 1968 – February 1969  (1 year 2 months)
Worked in editing, in those days a Flatbed, razor blade and tape.
The 'Bin' was just that - a clean trash can, that we clipped pieces of film to awaiting placement in the linear reel we were building.
Just knew, there had to be a better way.

Worked on Commercials - Ralston Purina, Cal Worthington, Station IDs, etc.

Production Assistant at Metromedia Hollywood
Entertainment industry
February 1966 – January 1968  (2 years)
Still in High School, but managed to get a job on the lot at Metromedia, Hollywood, until graduating, then going full-time in their engineering Technical training program. Worked in early ENG - Electronic News Gathering, linear - but instant - editing of footage for that day's evening news programs, floor direction and production work on "George Putnam's Evening News", the Les Crane Show; The Donald O'Connor Show, and many others.\

More Interestingly, and fun, was the night and evenings job:
Ran a small special effects lighting company on the side (also while still attending North Hollywood High) - and had:

* stage lighting contracts with The Troupador, the Ashgrove, Whiskey-a-go-go, and all the "Concert Associates" major weekend concerts as well as * special effects lighting with Michael Shere for movies (like the Monkee's 'HEAD' at Paramount to stage productions, like Michael McClure's "The Beard" at the Warner Playhouse, with Dennis Hopper and Alexandra Hay.

High School grades suffered a little, but engineering skills advanced with each successful production and class. Passed FCC Radio and Television Engineering elements 1, 3, 4, 7 and 9 before reaching 21 years old.