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This will, in some ways, now be the most important Page. 

Anyone having ideas on what to bring, post an e-mail to  The  Webmaster 

putting please BOBA FAQ in the subject line.  Submit a Suggestion


  • Passport/Tickets/Where Car is parked note
  • Sun Screen, Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Bathing Suit(s)
  • Water shoes (coral can be sharp)-Reefwalkers/ Sandals
  • Thermos/water jugs
  • Towels
  • __BRING!___

  • Favorite BEACH TOWELS  (we make great use of a double bed sheet- light, and bright, for laying on)

    PLEASE BRING your favorite sunscreen, moisturizers, aloe, vitamines, aspirin.
    There are wonderful French lotions and creams there, of course.  Just be ready to pay up to $20+ for what you can get for $6 at Longs here.

  • Mask, Snorkel and Fins
  • Binoculars
  • Camera - Still or video
  • Kites, flags, banners
  • ICE CHEST (collapsables are GREAT!)
  • Zip-Loc Bags (or DRY BAGS for boating)
  • Friends addresses already on Labels for Post Cards
  • Favorite foodstuffs - we brought even cold cereals, energy bars (lots), dry soups, etc.
  • Health- Vitamines, Neo-sporin, bandaids  (See FOOD Below)
  • Staying at Tina's:  A group car, for the entire time
  • A family cell phone can be rented from TIKI phones in Papeet-let Gabreal know if interested
  • Paddles for 6 person canoe if sharing Maggie's outrigger. (or borrow??)
  •  Is an umbrella a good idea?  We usually find the shade of a palm tree, but if you use one here in Cal.....

    if CAMPING Obviously, tent and some cooking utensils and ice chest cooler(s). 
    We have a fire pit on the Motu, and will provide some grilles.  We are allowed 20 KG per Person on the airline.
    FOOD ___FOOD___
    >Should we bring powdered milk, or is milk avaiilable at a reasonable price?
    The best powdered milk I've ever had was everywhere, and affordable. Count on that.

    >Is there pasta available at a reasonable price, or should we bring? 
    We briught our own, because we are Pasta snobs and ate it as a main complex carbo appx 3x week.  We brought our own Bismanti Rice too.  And Powdered mashed potatoes were very popular in our 'brought' menu.  Some dried Campbell chicken noodle soups. A few Rice-a-roni/noodles and cheeses for kid's came in handy too.  We brought, and used LOTS of energy/granola/snack bars. 

    We: 110 volts, 60 cycles
    Polynesia: 220 volts, 50 cycles.
    Small 'Step-Down" transformers can be purchased that will accommodate your needs.  Be sure to check the wattage of your appliance against the size of the transformer. 
     Example- Speakers work great, but your hairdryer may not. 
    >Are there mosquito nets at Tina's?  Are they good to have? 
    Good to have one, at least for kids. It is a luxury well worth insuring with a BYO approach.   Otherwise, coils are the standard there (available everywhere- do NOT bring).  One as going to sleep, and one lit early early morning (pre dawn) is the most common and efective technique next to netting.
    Tina's had some screens in some rooms, but we learned the nets are fragile, and get very holy after a few tenants in a room,  esp kids.  We would like to bring some too, so let us know if you find time to locate some.  Originally, I had hoped to have the time to locate, and put the reference on the site.  So many things, so little time.
    >How bad are the mosquitos (we've been hearing varying reports)? 
    Good news/Bad news:  Pretty much sunset/sunrise. The mosquitoes bite, and you head for cover, or (the ONLY reason to have a light long sleeve shirt) cover up or put on repellant.  We use OFF! in liquid form around ankles and neck and seem to do very well.  The mosquitoes there- if you do not itch it, magically disappeared on all of us.  They are possibly the single most unpleasant aspect of this paradise, second perhaps to the Trigger(?) fish, a spiney guy we do not want to step upon. The good news: Tina's just might be the most mosquito free place on the island, due to the unique location on the furthest piece of the point.  A prevailing breeze, and there are none!  The Motu, like the rest of Polynesia, includes the times of day when Skitters are about and we non local folks seek cover or repellant.
    Now Daily
    Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat,   WEDS SUN Noon
    >How long does it take to get from Tina's to
    >the Motu (assuming a regular boat)? 
    As little as 15-20 min in Rene's "Motu Taxi", but he was soooo expensive ($60 to the airport), in his ~12 passenger boat, but maybe with a group of more people it makes more sense. 
    Otherwise, it is by meeting the Motu boat in Viatape for the noon run, and catch a ride back to the motu. 
    You can hire M. Tehapai or his son to run you back later in the day, it costs appx $10/per person, less for more people.  Please remember- fuel-Gas is extremely expensive there. 

    ___MOTU BOAT RUNS___
     Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat,  OFF WEDS SUN
    We also have an early morning supply boat, departing Viatape around 6:45am with fresh baked bread and croissants, milk and fruit for the Motu.

         Good Ideas?  Send a note to the      Webmaster , and your idea will be posted.