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Alexey Butirskiy Art Tour
August 27 through September 8

Alexey Butirskiy and RTG/Tom Barnes 
currently on an ART TOUR for Labor day weekend and the following weekend.

Flying to Las Vegas
Day 3

Butirskiy Exhibition
Las Vegas

Day 3

Butirskiy Exhibition
Las Vegas

DAY 1 August 28, 2003                                                            photos: Gabreal Franklin
Alexey is greeted and welcomed to America by Mazzeo and Neil.

Mazzeo plays one of the leading parts in Neil Young's newest production - 
<CLICK HERE TO GO TO> Greendale...

In addition to his role as an artist/painter in Neli's movie, Mazzeo created 
much of the art for the film, 
and this show represents a premere for the DVD and Mazzeo's Opening night.

Short reviews: 

The Art Show Premiere was beautifully hung, and his pieces, as always, can only
take one's breath away. The crowd came, and stayed, to admire and discuss the
extraordinary and unique art... of Jim Mazzeo.

Greendale - The Movie
Both wonderful, and at the same time, at first a little disorienting... 
is the way the movie has so many people... 
playing roles in the film, lip syncing to the incredible music that (naturally) is as a hinge, 
that the door of this amazing movie swings upon. 
After a few minutes of 'getting used to it', the effect is innovative and great.
The Art Show Premere in San Francisco was jammed to the walls with folks from the art, 
music and entertainment industries, all seeming to enjoy themselves with the art, 
and the company - to the maximum. 
This film is inspiring and original, in its direction, filming and editing.
Mark Faulkner (part of All Planet Bora Bora 2000) was one of the editors on the film.
       San Francisco   Aug 28, 2003
Alexey, Mazzeo and Neil.
Alexey receives best wishes 
and luck for his tour starting 
Alexey, Mazzeo and Neil smile 
for the cameras.
Maz introducing Alexey to a
few of his friends.

One of Maz's larger pieces
in the background.
9 panels fit together to
make one large, very large

All Photos by Gabreal Franklin

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