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          Mar 29, 2002!

                 . All Planet Studios has completed
the last batch of interviews filmed with
many of Russia's top artisans over the last several years
as part of completion on the first program in a series
about Russian Art.
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On June 19, All Planet completed an interview with Lucy Maxym,  author of the famous and definitive books
entitled "RUSSIAN LACQUER, LEGENDS and FAIRY TALES".  These books are 2 volumes and present 
both the Fairy Tales and supremely beautiful examples of the Russian art.

This interview represented the final taping of artists and elements for the All Planet program
"THE LOST ART OF RUSSIA", focused on Russian Lacquer Miniatures. 
For more information about this program, CLICK HERE.

Now that the principal photography is completed, the program is in post production, which includes
the transcription and translation of the Russian participants, and the editing of their interviews together 
with examples of their works.

Currently, the scheduled completion date for the first edit is July 30, and the voice over work will be 
completed immediately following that.

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