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All Planet Crew filming on location in Palekh, one of the 4 villages that were locations in the latest film about Russian Lacquer Boxes.

A shot of one of the artist's worktables where the creation of the Russian Lacquer Box masterpieces takes place.  This shot is from Fedoskina.
- coming soon

ARTISTS Interviewed ****

In addition to the "Palekh" production, a lot of footage was shot in preparation for next Summer's production in association with Ukranian Television, Producers Tanya and Sasha Majeva.

Part of our crew on the Black Sea, filming at the Karadag Reserve.  This area is highly restricted for access.  We were fortunate to be allowed to film there, and with our Ukranian TV associates, went out on one of the reserve's research boats to get some of the footage.

All Planet and Ukranian TV crew having dinner in Koktabel.
From Left, .Misha, Tanya, Ujri, Vika and a foreign cameraman.

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