The Children of the Yellow Rain 
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In spite of the fact that what remains as largest obstacle for Chernobyl relief organizations is the lack of information and media coverage of the innocent victims' plight here in the West, this program is discontinued.
Mark Anthony has been asked to discontinue the production and to not complete this program.  Mr. Anthony is seeking other production opportunities in other efforts.
We have been asked to direct donations or "inspired" enquiries regarding this project to Adi Roche and her work.....
...with the sick and abandonded children of "The World's Worst Man Made Disaster"
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       Picnic at the Disaster
               "We gather round the tableto dine on local honey, apples and grapes - 
               and no one understandswhy I'm not hungry." 

       John O'Mahony 
               reports from the world's only radioactive nature reserve 

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