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Creating Peace in a Violent World
 filmed September 19th 2005

For more information about the DVD, please contact Arizona Friends of Tibet, 
or send an inquiry to    <orders @ allplanet.com>

Prototype ART with MODIFICATIONS to back text, following review w/ Peggy Hitchcock, Chris Petro, and Bob Thurmans 'Blurb'         Version 5.0  Final   April 5
Download a .PDF of Above v. 4.0 <CLICK HERE for DOWNLOAD>
Prototype ART with MODIFICATIONS to back text, following review w/ Peggy Hitchcock, awaiting further comments from Chris Petro, Peggy and ...          Version 4.0
Download a .PDF of Above v. 4.0 <CLICK HERE for DOWNLOAD>
Prototype Art  April 4. All Planet points out the text, as supplied for the back, does not work. 
Sounds like it is describing what his Holiness says on the DVD.  Version 2.0

This DVD is scheduled to go to manufacturing in May 2006. Below is first Conceptual Prototype, awaiting back 'Blurb' from Bob Thurman before locking down art. v. mar 20

March 15 version 1.0
DVD Art. White is silver reveal. Looks a bit like a Hologram effect.
There are these three (3) relatively high resolution shots of the DVD here.

Please click on the <FRONT>, the <Spline> or the <BACK> to see a larger view.

Artwork by gabreal franklin

September 19, 2005  PRESS RELEASE
Creating Peace in a Violent World was a beautiful event attended by 12,000 guests, and spanned 1 and a half hours in the early afternoon of September 19, 2005. 
This event was filmed in Hi-Defination by All Planet Studios, Gabreal Franklin as director and Camera 1, Denise Gallant as Camera 2, Scott Koue capturing audio, sound system for the room provided by Jonathan Holden, who also provided 3 cameras at the auditorium for the talk.

The event was produced by Arizona Friends of Tibet and All Planet Studios in conjunction with the Office of Tibet.

A DVD is soon to be released of this event. 
Runs 1 hour 40 minutes.
For more information about that, please contact Arizona Friends of Tibet, or send an inquiry 
to <orders @ allplanet.com>

A big thank you to everyone at Arizona Friends of Tibet who worked so hard making this event happen.

    Gabreal Franklin - Producer


As a joint venture between the American OFFICE OF TIBET, Arizona Friends of Tibet, and ALL PLANET STUDIOS, the Interfaith Dialogues will be filmed, and a DVD benefiting the Tibetian Causes will be jointly produced. We are excited to think that this could serve as a model for future interfaith discussions worldwide.

Arizona Friends of Tibet is honored to host His Holiness the Dalai Lama's Public Talk at 3pm on Monday, September 19, 2005, at the Tucson Convention Center


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