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A wonderful heartwarming clip: Three new crew members arrive, making 6 in orbit. See their arrival from INSIDE the ISS, as they enter. This is REALLY worth watching... Russians and Americans speaking with family and friends. One in space, another at home back on the planet. NASA Control and Star City Control, another successful mission from Launch Center Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Cold War... eat your heart out. From 3 in minutes to 5 gives you the idea. The Russians seemed to take a lot more advantage than the Americans in the opportunity for family to speak with the newly arrived (and existing) crew. But translation is almost prefect - very good. --Ed Note from 16 min to the end is an English segment.

CLICK HERE TO SEE ANOTHER CLIP OF SOYOUZ APPROACHING AND DOCKING at the International Space Station. Long, viewing the start, middle and end is fine

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