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"Denny Papa" Dec 2006






Dennis Gerrard Stephen Doherty
November 29, 1940      +   January 19, 2007

photos gabreal franklin/ All Planet

Dennis "Denny Papa" Doherty brought so much joy to millions of people with songs like "Monday Monday", "California Dreamin'", "Creeque Alley",  his own (co-authored) "Got A Feeliní", "I Saw Her Again" and so many other hits. This was the music a generation grew up listening to and loving.

It was only last month that a performance of his musical play, co-written by his friend Paul Ledoux, was performed in Maryland. No one expected that would be the last performance. 
(last photo of the "Mamas and Papas 'Dream Band' " below)

In mid December, only a few days after the performance, Denny underwent another serious operation for an aneurism repair, followed by 9 days of 'coma-like 'recovery period.  When he woke from the 'coma, he began to  speak and sing.  Denny started to rally and appeared to be on the road to recovery. He was very coherent and communicative in those last days. We all had great hopes, expectations and belief that he was coming"out of the woods" and that he would recover. He seemed to be growing stronger each day.

To our greatest sorrow, last night continued recovery proved not to be the case. He passed away at his home in Toronto with his beloved children nearby. . such a blessing to be at home and not in the hospital.
More news will be posted here in the next days. 

He will be sorely missed. 

Thank you Dennis, it was a blessing to know you. 
Time was far too short... but the times we shared were a blessing to those who knew you.

Safe journey,


Shot following the last performance
December 2006. Clockwise from left 
Richard Burke, Denny, Lisa Macissac, 
Kevin Reed, William Ransom, 
Doris Mason, David Smyth and 
Gabreal Franklin

http://www.allplanet.com/dream/cleve.htm   - SHOW from April 2006 Info

http://members5.boardhost.com/dennydoherty/ - Fan Page with a few goodbyes


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Denny Doherty and Gabreal Franklin
December 2006

 Paul Ledoux - more than just 'a friend', wrote the following obituary on this day following the loss of Dennis. He was more family than friend, and his words fit.

Denny's Obituary
  Posted  1/21/2007, 4:35 pm

  Denny Doherty passed away early Friday morning, January 19, at his home in Mississauga, Ontario. He was 66. The world knew Denny as the tenor in The Mamas and The Papas, one of the greatest vocal groups in the history of popular music. He was also a talented actor and songwriter, co-authoring Got A Feeliní, I Saw Her Again, For The Love of Ivy for the M&Pís and numerous other compositions including songs for the television special, Johannís Gift To Christmas.
  F. Scott Fitzgerald once said, ìThere are no second acts in American lives.î Of course Denny was a Canadian and a Maritimer and a North End Haligonian to boot. After the rock and roll rollercoaster came to a halt, he returned home and started a new career and a new family. Although he supported John in his decision to form the 80ís version of The Mamas and The Papas and toured with the group, he built a strong career for himself as an actor on stage, film, radio and television. His easy charm and playful spirit made him the perfect host of the childrenís television series, Theodore Tugboat, and he developed a huge fan base among young people who had no idea The Harbour Master was a rock and roll superstar.
  Denny was a born story-teller and could spin a tale better than anybody I ever met, taking equal delight in his youthful exploits in Halifax and his outrageous escapades as a music star. He loved to talk on the telephone and kept in constant touch with a vast array of friends all over the world. Denny was one of those rare individuals who could talk to anybody, anywhere, any time. He was a regular guy with an extraordinary natural gift. A charming and gracious gentleman, a loyal friend, a loving and proud father and quietly charitable individual who helped many people over the years and never talked much about it much, he will be missed by all those who knew and loved him and by the millions of fans who draw strength from songs that, forty years after they were recorded, still remain an important part of our lives. God bless him.
  -Paul Ledoux, a friend
This is a rough mix of a song Denny was working on awhile back but never finished. It's from an analog dub and sound quality isn't great, but I think the vocal and the lyric are wonderful and I wanted to share them. I hope you like it as much as I do.

"Here I Am" - Song that was 'In Progress'

This, and more, is on the Denny Doherty Web Site: 

  Biography: Denny Doherty
 Denny Doherty was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he began his musical career
in a local rock and roll band, The Hepsters. In 1959 he formed his first folk trio, The Colonials, played across Canada and finally, after changing their name to The Halifax III signed a recording contract in New York. After the trio broke up, Denny joined Cass Elliot as a member of her group, The Big Three. Inspired by The Beatles, The Big Three recruited Zal Yanovsky and John Sebastian and became The Mugwumps, the first folk-rock group. Unfortunately The Mugwumps were before their time and, unable to get a record released, broke up. Sebastian and Zal formed The Loviní Spoonful and Denny joined fellow folkies John and Michelle Phillips of The Journeymen to become The New Journeymen. In 1965 the group relocated to Los Angeles where they teamed up with Cass Elliot to form The Mamas and The Papas. The group turned out a score of top-selling albums and singles over the next four years, including: the Grammy Award winning ìMonday Mondayî ìand the hit singles ìCalifornia Dreaminí,î Creequee All, ìI Saw Her Again, ìWords of Loveî, ì12:30î and Look Through My Windowî. The unique combination of male and female members, iconic hippie personalities and gorgeous folk inspired vocals helped make The mamas and The Papas the first American group to break the dominance of the British Invasion and define the new American sound that came to be called ëfolk rockí.
  After three tumultuous and triumphant years the group didnít so much break up as it petered out. They were re-united for final album in 1970 but continued to work with each other on individual solo projects until 1974 when Cass died of a heart attack. In 1975 Denny returned to New York where he played the lead on Broadway in Phillipsí Man on The Moon. During the production he met his second wife Jeanette and stayed with her in New York where he worked with The Irish Art Centre performing in OíCaseyís Juno and The Paycock, among other productions. In 1978 he returned to his home town of Halifax, Nova Scotia and hosted Dennyís Sho for CBC-TV. In addition to his work in television, Denny continued to act, playing the lead in Paul Ledouxís country and western musical, North Mountain Breakdown, as well as many roles at Neptune Theatre.
  During the Eighties The Mamas and Papas were reunited with original members Doherty & Phillips, plus Spanky McFarlane and McKenzie Phillips and toured with the group off and on for the next ten years. During this time he relocated to Toronto and continued to develop his acting career. 
  Stage roles include numerous productions of the plays Fire and The Secret Garden, as well as the Ed and David Mirvish Production of Needfire. In 1996 he and Ledoux created the one man show ìDream A Little Dream, the nearly true story of The Mamas and The Papas. Denny continued to appear in the show for the next ten years, including an extended run production in Toronto that was nominated for five Dora Mavor Morre Awards and a five month off-Broadway. The play completed a held-over run at The Cleveland Playhouse in the spring of 2006 and Dennyís last performance was early this December in Baltimore.
  Film/TV credits include a leading role in the turn-of-the-century film and series Pit Pony shot in Nova Scotia; and The Harbourmaster in the internationally acclaimed childrens series, Theodore Tugboat, which aired daily on both CBC-TV and PBS.
Denny was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in March, 1996. The Mamas and the Papas were inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in January, 1998.


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