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The tragic loss of two pilots  - Tore Haugland and Allan Osmundson, 
was felt by many in the performance airshow business.
The two pilots lost their lives flying the helicopter cross country.
They were flying the Showcopters R44 camera ship, when they crashed 
on the evening of June 14, 2004. 
The two pilots were enroute to the big airshow at Quonset Point, Rhode Island.
Showcopter #1, an R44 performance helicopter, is normally flown in 
performances and filming jobs by Jim Cheatham, and 
occasionally in filming jobs by Bob Bolton or Chris Gularte.
When the airship is filming, a cameraperson sits in the rear of the 4 place aircraft.
The crash occured at night, while passing through Killingly Conneticut. 

This is a sad anouncement relative to the several aviation projects currently in production 

Jim Cheatham

Bob Bolton

Chris Gularte
Interior of the Camera
Ship >>

<<<Close-up of the camera, mounted in the
nose of the R44
The R 44 Helicam Camera Ship.   >>>

Auto Rotation, or "Dead Stick" landing by Jim Cheatham. 
Power is cut for this part of the performance.

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Showcopters is a partner of 
Aside from authoring (not filming)  the Showcopter's DVD "Airshows from Above" production, 
Gabreal Franklin [Director/Camera Operator], 
Brian Ging [Co-Director/Camera Operator] and 
Scott Koue [Sound Capture in Field/Sound Design]
have all recently flown missions with the camera ship 
as well as in Showcopters 2 and 3. 

This has been during aerial filming for the upcoming programs 
*   "Sky Dancers" - about life as acrobatic performance pilots,  
*   "Hover" - focused on helicopters and the uses they have, especially relative to airshow coverage and capturing 'Sky Dancing' stunt pilots routines. 

Future segments for "Traveling with the Showcopters" continue to be filmed, and has been in production historically by Jim Cheatham for some time. 
All Planet continues to film interviews with pilots to compliment the aerial footage.



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