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Behind the Scenes Kalachakra
A shot of the Verizon Center during the Kalachakra

A few shots of the crowd gathering for the Peace Rally Jul 09, and the production.

Set up still in progress as the dawn appears.
Following the destruction of the sand Mandala, His Holiness and a few monks go to the river to introduce the sand into the waters.

His Holiness and Barack Obama discuss the situation of Tibet, during the sensitive negotiations with the Chinese on the US debt.

A bold and appreciated move on the part of President Obama.

Don Eisenberg from the Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama monitors multiple web casts from the All Planet Control Room.
Bill Roden, who served as EIC (Engineer in Charge) enjoys a moment of rest sitting at the record racks. AJA KiPro running ProRes422, XDCAM decks and HDV decks rolled getting simultaneous captures of the live switch
Tenzin Choejor films the control room, while Gabreal directs, and Grace runs the Ross Switcher.
Gabreal directing one of the many events.
Another wider view of the control room, with the WebCasting of the program in the foreground with Don discussing details with Liane Su. The arena show/ Jumbotron- Program(s) on the Miranda and screens.
Scott Koue at the helm of all the multitrack recordings.
View of the arena from the Camera 4 position, in the rear of the arena.

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